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We built Metropolis to help engineers build quality software faster and easier.

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Use the Metropolis platform to launch custom sandbox environments for applications that use Docker quickly, easily and effortlessly.
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This is a new way to manage sandboxes

We started Metropolis because technology is changing so quickly and we needed a new way to test that our application worked like we thought it did.

Simple Declarative Syntax

Provide a simple, declarative definition of your sandbox environments and have them provisioned automatically.

Configure with Terraform

Use Terraform, the industry standard, to allow your sandbox configuration to be managed through infrastructure-as-code.

Use the GitHub Deployment API

The GitHub Deployment API allows you to manage your sandbox environments from where you'd actually use them: GitHub.

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Whether you're an engineer who is using our platform every single day to ship high quality code, faster or a DevOps engineer who is giving their team a competitive advantage to work faster, our team is here for you.

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We made our quickstart guide and product documentation best-in-class because we don't want you to waste your time trying to figure things out.

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Best for small companies who need a system for managing discrete named environments.

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Best for growing companies who need a system for building on-demand integration environments.

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Best for large companies need support for more accounts or more sandboxes.

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